We are excited about several prospective projects that we have lined up. We hope that by completing these projects, we will be able to better serve the congregation of SMSM, Copts in surrounding cities, and the entire Windsor community. We trust that God, who has supported us thus far, will always support us through the intercession of the Virgin St. Mary & St. Moses the Strong, the prayers and support of our beloved father, His Grace Bishop Mina, and your prayers and support. May God reward you.

You may send your donations by any of the following means:

1)  By a cheque payable to St. Mary & St. Moses, 

Mailing Address:

St. Mary & St. Moses
1334 Benjamin Ave.
 Windsor, ON
 N8X 4M9

2)  By e-transfer:

3)  Online via PayPal or credit card

THANK YOU for your Support